Bronze papaya, surrounded by foundry employees.

Bronze papaya, surrounded by foundry employees.

The RSC Sculpture Foundry is home to local art students and known local sculptors, well as some of the most recognized museum scribed sculptors in the world. We are a mid sized foundry which offers our customers a more personal hands on “ Here’s what I think will be best, let’s talk about it” approach to the casting & patina process. We do not keep a barrier between our foundry workers and our customers. All of our customers are introduced to every artist and foundryman who will work on their sculptures and our customers can call and ask to speak to anyone of them for updates and progress reports of their bronzes.

These conversations are not monitored by management in any way, but rather encouraged by the management & owner of the foundry. We are a family of hard workers, artists & engineers, who gather to create outstanding bronze sculptures for themselves and their customers.

We can design, engineer, fabricate, build, mold, cast, patina, deliver and install your sculpture and if we can’t do it, we will tell you where it can be done, and will even help you get there without cost to you or anyone else.

We are a team of professional artists and foundrymen from Latin America, North America, Europe, Haiti & China.

We speak English, Spanish, Haitian, Italian & Polish. At times it is difficult to communicate with one another, but like  miniature America, we share common ground, a love of art and have faith & appreciation of each others ability.

We pull together and make it work and we commonly share the joy of a job well done.